Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Recipe

easy pumpkin spice smoothie

Ahhh. Fall is officially here. Cool weather and all. Ok, not quite cool weather. But it’s only been around 85 degrees! Compared to 95 or 100, it feels pretty nice. With the start of fall, like many many others, I am looking forward to all of the pumpkin coming back into my life. Or should … Read more

Easy Coconut Cake Recipe

easy coconut cake recipe

      That is just about all I have heard for the past couple of months when I asked Greg what I should bake. I know how much he loves his mom’s coconut cake, and I knew it was only a matter of time until I had to make one for the boy too. … Read more

Oatmeal Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones

Oatmeal Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones

  Scones are not something I have very often. If I am going to splurge on breakfast calories, a donut or muffin will usually win out. Even when I am not the one doing the baking, a scone is rarely my first choice at a bakery.    As you know, I have already made both donuts and muffins … Read more

Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

cinnamon sugar muffin

Muffins are just about as cute as cupcakes. I mean, their shapes are identical and they can come in as many different flavors and varieties.    But they lack one important ingredient. Frosting. Making them not quite comparable to cupcakes. Not quite as delicious.    Or so I thought.       These muffins are amazingly light … Read more

Benefits of Juicing with Easy Recipes

benefits of juicing

You are what you eat!” This has become one of the most harped about phenomenon from the world of nutrition. Indeed your health is highly dependent on what you consume – as food or as beverage. Healthy eating is not as easy as it sounds. For this reason, the juicing diet has emerged as a … Read more

Easy Apple Pie Recipe

easy apple pie recipe

Apple Pie on Demand   I have said how Greg doesn’t get into desserts quite like I do. It can be difficult to persuade him to go for many of the things I want to bake. So, for the past several weeks, whenever I asked him what I should bake next, all I’ve heard is, … Read more

Nutella Banana Bread Recipe

nutella banana bread

Chocolate-y, hazelnut-y, creamy-y, yummy-y. Ok, you get the point. Nutella is delicious. The end.     Jusssttt kidding. There’s more. Like bananas! Now, mix the Nutella with the bananas and you have yourself the most scrumptious breakfast bread.   When I found this recipe, I first thought of Brooke. I think she was the first … Read more

Funfetti Cake Bars Recipe

Last night, I picked up Moe’s for dinner. Instead of chicken like I always get, I opted for tofu. Why? I don’t know. I think I thought it would save me a few calories after snacking on pralines and birthday cake at the office all day (Mmmm, that was good)! Well, that mistake will not … Read more

Chewy Snickerdoodle Bars Recipe

Soooo. Let me tell you about these snickerdoodle bars. Like the title says, they are thick and chewy. What the title doesn’t say is that they may be the best thing I’ve made in quite a while. Seriously addicting. I mean…seriously.      They seem to get better with each bite I take. Even a … Read more

Baked Buttermilk Donuts Recipe

baked buttermilk donuts

I’ve heard people say they don’t like doughnuts. Or donuts. I never know how I should spell it. Either way, donuts (I’m going to be lazy and spell it the shorter way this morning) are the perfect and easy way to put a smile on my face.    Let me tell you a story about … Read more