5 Pizza Alternatives

pizza alternatives

As a beloved dish in countries across the globe, pizza is one of the most popular foods around. This universally cherished dish dates back to Naples, Italy in the 18th century. It was there that pizza truly came into being as a convenient and inexpensive food for the busy working men. These original pizzas were … Read more

10 Different Types of Martinis

types of martinis

The martini is a classic American cocktail with timeless popularity. Made with varying proportions of gin and dry vermouth, the martini is an alcoholic beverage with endless variations. Figures throughout history, both real and fictional, have been known to adopt martinis as their drink of choice. One of the most widely recognized examples of this … Read more

10 Different Types of Garlic

Types of Garlic

Garlic is one of the most popular and widely used seasonings on the planet, and while most people don’t realize it there are over 600 different types of garlic out there to choose from – and more being added to this number regularly. Garlic is quite versatile and has been used in culinary, medicinal and … Read more

10 Different Types of Pecans

types of pecans

Although it might come as something of a surprise, if you count both wild varieties and cultivars that have been developed by man there over 1,000 types of pecans currently in existence, and more are being worked on by horticulturists even as you read these words. Botanically, the pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis) is a member … Read more

12 Different Types of Strawberries

Types of Strawberries

For many people, nothing announces the advent of summer more cheerfully than the appearance of fresh strawberries in their local market or garden. One of the most well-loved and versatile fruits out there, strawberries are a favorite throughout the planet and are an economically important plant in many parts of the world. Including both wild … Read more

11 Different Types of Mushrooms

shanterelle mushroom

Mushrooms – or at the very least something very close to mushrooms – are believed to have existed on the earth long before even the dinosaurs evolved. Some paleontologists believe that, at one time, relatives of today’s mushrooms might have been the largest living things on planet. Though somewhat unappetizing-sounding, mushrooms are botanically classified as … Read more

12 Different Types of Avocados

maluma avocado

While it has been a popular fruit for decades – primarily as the basic component in guacamole and other dips – the avocado has undergone a surge of popularity in recent years; so much so that there are actual avocado shortages from time to time. Its relatively recent designation (at least for marketing purposes) as … Read more