Can You Freeze Cheesecake

can you freeze cheesecake

Cheesecake is a delicious and very popular type of dessert that anyone would enjoy whether they are your party guests, friends, or family members. Made up of ingredients like cream cheese, sugar, cream, egg batter, vanilla extract, there are many types of cheesecake out there which are sure to please anyone who eats this kind of dessert. Due to the fact that cheesecake is a heavy dessert, it’s likely that you will have some leftovers after the party. It is also not uncommon to have some leftovers after buying a full cheesecake from the local supermarket. Given these circumstances, what should you do if you see a big sale on your favorite kind of cheesecake at the local market? Should you buy two of them to save some money and enjoy your favorite kind of cheesecake for even longer than usual? Will you be able to store your cheesecake for the long-term? The important question remains: can you freeze cheesecake?

Can You Freeze Cheesecake?

The good news is that you can freeze cheesecake successfully for long-term storage especially if you follow the necessary steps for the best results. It’s vital to not freeze your cheesecake with a topping such as whipped cream because the texture would change for the worse during the freezing and thawing processes. The topping itself wouldn’t taste as good either. Before you go ahead and freeze the cheesecake, make sure that it has a cool temperature first.

The success regarding the freezing of a cheesecake also depends on which type of cheesecake you’re focusing on. The classic version of a cheesecake with regular cream would freeze very well while a cheesecake with a lot of sour cream would change the texture negatively and cause the flavor to be lost. If your cheesecake doesn’t freeze well, it may be the ingredients you’re using in the recipe that may be causing poor overall results.

Freezing Methods for Cheesecake

Unlike other food products, cheesecake can only be frozen for up to three months total consecutively. The cheesecake should also be frozen for at least a month in order to make the entire process worth the trouble. If you decide to freeze cheesecake for more than three months, you run the risk of this food product losing its’ original taste and texture, especially after the thawing process. It may be a good idea to sample some of the cheesecake recipe after a month or two to see how the taste has held up after the initial freezing process.

When it comes to freezing cheesecake, there are three popular methods that should be considered legitimate in preserving both taste and texture:

Baking Pan Method

  • After making and completing your cheesecake recipe, you should transfer it in portions to a flat, baking sheet pan.
  • The cheesecake should be spread evenly in a flat layer to ensure best quality.
  • The baking pan should be then wrapped around with plastic or aluminum wrapping before being placed in the freezer.
  • Remember to seal the pan tightly with a container lid and to remove all excess air before placing the contents in a freezer.
  • Please label the date of first freezing on the aluminum wrapping of the baking pan in a permanent marker. This is done to keep track of how many days or months the cheesecake has been frozen for.

Sliced Cheesecake Method

  • To thaw smaller portions of cheesecake, this method may be the most useful. It’s important to slice your cheesecake into small pieces before the freezing can begin.
  • You’re going to want to wrap the individual slices of cheesecake with a single layer of plastic or aluminum wrapping.
  • After that, you’re going to want to place these wrapped slices of cheesecake into freezer-safe bags.
  • These wrapped slices of cheesecake can then be put into a freezer-safe container before being placed into a freezer.
  • Remember to remove all excess air before sealing the container tightly.
  • Label with a permanent marker. Write the date of first freezing on the container’s surface to keep track of how long the sliced cheesecake has been frozen for.

Airtight Container Method

  • If you only want to freeze your cheesecake recipe for a few days or up to a week, you won’t need to use any aluminum or plastic wrapping. If it’s for more than a week, then the cheesecake must be wrapped in one way or another to preserve the taste and texture.
  • It would be best to place the cheesecake into a freezer-safe container and release all excess air before sealing it tightly.
  • Remember to label with a permanent marker the date of first freezing to keep track of how many days the cheesecake has been freezing in the airtight container.

Here are some additional tricks on how to freeze cheesecake:

How To Thaw Cheesecake

Cheesecake slices can be thawed in the refrigerator and would be ready in about 4-5 hours. However, depending on the size (full pan size cheesecake) can take up to 8-12 hours. Store any unused cheesecake in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.


Coming back to the original question, yes you can freeze cheesecake. Given these three different methods, you will be able to freeze and preserve your cheesecake for a couple of months. Because of this, you and your family will enjoy the leftover cheesecake for a long time to come. Enjoy this delicious and popular dessert item and remember to never re-freeze the product if it has been frozen once before!




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