Can Pancake Mix Go Bad

does pancake mix go bad

Pancakes are an extremely popular breakfast item that can be found around the world but under different names and different styles. While most consumers are familiar with the American-style pancakes, many countries have their own spin or version of this delicious product. Pancakes can be served at any time of the day though with syrup, fruits, chocolate, honey, etc. and the sheer possibilities of toppings or additions are endless. However, you won’t get very far with your pancakes without having the necessary pancake mix. Pancake mix is often made up of a batter that is a combination of milk, eggs, starch, butter, and even oil. If you decide to buy pancake mix in the supermarket, then half of the work has already been done for you. If there’s one weekend where you decide to go to your local supermarket to pick up some pancake mix for the upcoming week and there’s a big sale on boxes of pancake mix, what should you do? Would it be worth the potential savings in both time and money to buy a few extra boxes? Will you be able to store the boxes of pancake mix properly for the long-term without having any major issues? The ultimate question remains; does pancake mix go bad?

Does Pancake Mix Go Bad?

Even if you’re not starting from scratch, taking the easy way out and using pancake mix to make your pancakes will still end up having a delicious and tasty result. Having pancake mix makes the cooking process a lot easier and allows the customer to make a lot more of the product for friends and family. Unfortunately, pancake mix can and does so bad. You have to be very careful as to how much of the product you need to purchase because you want to make sure that you won’t have too many leftovers that will eventually go sour on you and you’ll have to throw some of it out. It’s important to do your research by reading on in this article to find out how to best store the pancake mix, what its’ shelf life usually is with proper storage, and what are the signs to look for when it comes to spotting the bad pancake mix.

Storing The Pancake Mix

The most important thing to keep in mind when storing your pancake mix, especially if its’ in a dry form is to store it in an area or location which is also dry, dark, and at room temperature. When its’ unopened, it would be best to store it in a place like a kitchen cabinet / pantry, cellar, or basement where it won’t be exposed to any outside elements. The worst thing that could happen to your product is that it has prolonged exposure to outside elements such as moisture, heat, sunlight, oxygen, etc. Humidity and moisture especially will cause mold or clumps to develop within the texture or contents of the pancake mix causing it to go bad prematurely.

Once your pancake mix has been opened and used, you have to be even more careful and observant. It would be wise to make sure that the pancake mix is sealed tightly at all times and the container or seal is working properly. If you have some doubts about the original packaging or box of pancake mix, it may be best to move the remaining contents of the product to an airtight container that can be sealed tightly. You can still store this container in a cabinet or pantry but it will much more secure than in the original packaging. If your pancake mix happens to be liquid, it would be best to store it in the refrigerator after it has been opened once or more before in an airtight container. You’ll want to store your dry or liquid pancake mix in an airtight container in order to store it for as long as possible.

Shelf Life of Pancake Mix

With dry pancake mix, the shelf life depends upon whether or not the box or container has been opened yet. If its’ unopened, it lasts for a longer amount of time than if it has been opened. An unopened box of dry pancake mix can last for about a year if it has been properly stored and maintained. Obviously, it depends on the brand or type of pancake mix but usually it’s a year or a few months longer or shorter than that. In contrast, an opened box of dry pancake mix will last for about six months or so, which is a shorter amount of time than a box of pancake mix that hasn’t been used yet.

If you decide to make your own pancake mix whether dry or liquid, you should make sure to store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container that is tightly sealed. When you decide to use your homemade pancake mix for the first time, be aware that the shelf life for this product is about one year or so given that its’ properly stored. It’s difficult to use all of your pancake mix within a certain time frame so make sure that you’re only buying or creating as much pancake mix as you need for the next few months to a year.

Signs of Bad Pancake Mix

Unfortunately, as mentioned before, pancake mix can and will go bad eventually. The important thing to be aware of as the customer is to how to know the signs when it comes to figuring out if the pancake mix is still good or not. The first sign that you should be aware of is the appearance of the product. If there’s any sign of discoloration, mold, or clumps forming on the surface of the pancake mix, then there’s a good chance that the best days of the pancake mix have come and gone.

If you’re still not convinced of its’ quality, open up the box or container and smell the mix yourself. If there’s an odd or extremely pungent odor, which is different than usual, then that’s a very bad sign. The most concrete way to tell about your pancake mix being mad is to do a small taste test with a spoon. It won’t make you sick, unless you are allergic to mold. A little taste test its’ the most surefire way to tell if the product still has its’ original taste, flavor, and quality. If it doesn’t, throw it in the trash and buy a replacement package. It won’t cost you too much money and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!



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