Can Maple Syrup Go Bad

does maple syrup go bad

Maple Syrup is a very popular liquid addition to many different kinds of food products. Whether you add it to your pancakes, waffles, or even your French toast, chances are good that all of your family and friends will enjoy this delicious product. There is a common perception that syrup can last forever even without proper storage but that simply is not true. If syrup is not stored correctly, then there are inherent risks to the quality and sustainability of the food product. The ultimate question remains; does maple syrup go bad?

Does Maple Syrup Go Bad? Does it Expire?

Yes, maple syrup does go bad and it’s usually a result of improper storage of the food product. Due to poor storage of syrup, the liquid contents can become moldy, clumpy, and lose their original texture and flavor. Maple Syrup that is unopened will keep for a long time. It’s best to use glass bottles if you want to preserve your syrup longer.

However, it’s still a good idea to go to your local supermarket to purchase bottles of syrup in bulk because if they are stored in a proper manner, the liquid content can retain its original taste and texture for many years. If you want to save money and make your maple syrup last for a long time, it makes sense to store it properly and buy a couple of bottles especially if there’s a big sale on the product. Given the popularity of maple syrup and its’ wide range of uses, you can rest assured knowing that the food product will be put to good use. Whether its’ for close friends and family or used as a treat for the neighbors’ kids next door with their pancakes, storing syrup for the long-term is worth the squeeze.

Storing The Maple Syrup

When you buy your new, unopened package or bottle of maple syrup, it’s important to know how to store it properly in order to avoid it going bad on you prematurely. In order to do so, it’s necessary to remember that the syrup must be stored in a cool, dark place. Examples of this include the refrigerator, the pantry, and the kitchen cabinet. It’s preferable for the unopened syrup to be stored at a cold temperature but room temperature is also acceptable. Instead of a plastic container, it’s preferable to store any kind of syrup in a glass bottle if possible for best storage. Whether the syrup you have is opened and unopened, a good option for long-term storage is to put the liquid contents into the freezer. This will prevent further oxidation and other outside elements from affecting the texture of the syrup. The last thing you would want as a consumer is for your syrup to become moldy and clumpy in its’ texture only after a few months of storage. If you put the syrup in the freezer, please be aware that the product won’t freeze. A plastic container or bag would be best for the syrup contents to be stored in before and after initial usage.

Shelf Life of Maple Syrup

There is a lot of debate over how long both opened and unopened maple syrup will last when the contents are stored properly. What we know for sure is that its’ not an indefinite, infinite amount of time and also that the syrup will last for more than an entire year. To store your syrup for the longest period of time, it’s useful to freeze the product until you need to use it as an addition or ingredient. If there’s no room for the freezer and you’re wondering about what would be the 2nd best option for storing the maple syrup for the long-term, it would be best to put the syrup in the refrigerator instead. While following the expiration date or sell-by date would be useful, it’s debatable as to whether or not the maple syrup will go bad after the date passes. It’s important to use your own judgment and discretion when it comes to evaluating the shelf life of your syrup.

Some maple syrup manufacturers recommend not keeping the syrup in plastic bottles for more than 18 months to 2 years. Tin containers should be stored no longer than 6 months. Once the bottles are opened, the product can stay in the refrigerated for several months.

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Signs of Bad Syrup

When it comes to checking whether your maple syrup is still good or has gone bad, there are a number ways to check that out. You can smell the syrup to see if there’s any odor that is unusual that emanates from the product. You should also check to see the physical content and makeup of the maple syrup to see if there’s any discoloration or noticeable changes to the texture. If there is any mold or clumps that look unappealing then it would be best to throw out the syrup instead of taking the risk involved. If you are not convinced about the good quality of your syrup, it would be advantageous to do a simple taste test to check to see if the taste and flavor is still the same as it was when you originally bought the syrup.

Can You Still Use the Syrup if You See a Thin Layer of Mold on Top?

Yes, you can. If you notice a thin layer of mold developed on your opened bottle of syrup, you can safely remove the mold and re-sterilize the syrup by bringing it to a light boil (190°). Re-bottle the syrup afterwards, preferably in a glass container. The syrup may darken, but the flavor should still be unaffected.


Coming back to our previous question, yes your maple syrup can eventually go bad if not stored properly. However, when it comes to storing your maple syrup and preventing the food product from going bad, putting the product in a cold and dark place away from any light or heat will help your maple syrup to last for years. Syrup will rarely go bad but its’ best to check it beforehand after a year of storage to make sure it’s still good to eat. If you see any mold on the syrup’s surface, noticeable discoloration and texture or unusual smell, your syrup is most likely gone bad.

Maple syrup is claimed to be a better alternative to sugar. So with proper storage, you can enjoy this delicious and useful food product and don’t let it go to waste!



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