Ube vs Taro: What’s the Difference

ube vs taro

Ube or taro? Both are tubers, and they have similar colors, but there is a big difference between the two. Ube is from the  Persea genus of flowering plants in the mulberry family, while taro comes from Colocasia esculentum, which belongs to the arum family. What is Ube First off, let’s talk about ube. Ube … Read more

Trout vs Salmon

trout vs salmon

The biggest difference between trout and salmon is the taste, color, and texture. Trout has a much ‘drier’ (more firm) texture than salmon. Salmon is by far more popular in North America than trout and purchasing salmon is easier, however, both fish are amazing with their differences in flavoring. To cook trout you should make … Read more