22 Different Types of Bread

Types of Bread

Bread is one of those foods that always just seems to be around. Most people have a loaf or two in their home pretty much all the time; it comes with our meals at restaurants, either separately or as a part of a sandwich; and many of us even bake it ourselves. A very basic … Read more

11 Different Types of Artichokes

Types of Artichokes

Artichokes, like eggplant and escargot, are one of those foods that people either love or hate, and it has been that way for over three thousand years. Homer wrote about the artichoke around 800 BC, and there is evidence that it was consumed even earlier by the Egyptians and in some other parts of Northern … Read more

20 Different Types of Melons

Types of Melons

Melons have been eaten by human beings for thousands of years. Originating in the Middle East and Africa, there is evidence that the ancient Egyptians were cultivating large areas of land specifically to grow melons over 4,000 years ago, and that they were widely used in the ancient world both as a food source and … Read more

5 Pizza Alternatives

pizza alternatives

As a beloved dish in countries across the globe, pizza is one of the most popular foods around. This universally cherished dish dates back to Naples, Italy in the 18th century. It was there that pizza truly came into being as a convenient and inexpensive food for the busy working men. These original pizzas were … Read more