Saturday, October 6

Make Your Own Big Macs! Take That Micky D's!

When wanting to indulge in something bad, but oh so good, the Unprocessed Challenge can become quite difficult. There are days you crave fast food. It happens to most of us. What to do?  Create a copycat version for yourself.

Now this recipe is something I made several weeks ago, to copy the famous McDonald's Big Mac. I have never ordered a hamburger from a fast food chain. EVER. I don't do fast food that often and when I do, I tend to go with the healthiest things  I can find.

One late night about a month or 2 ago, Hubs came home with a burger after a late night at work. I sat at the table chatting with him about his day, while he devoured his Big Mac. I mindlessly stole a few fries, a couple sips of his coke. treating my self to 2 things I never allow. Then the smell of the burger hit me.... It smelled quite yummy and my stomach grumbled for it. I asked for a bite. Then after close to 30 years of never having tasted a Big Mac or any burger from a fast joint.... I realized what I was missing!

OH MY GOD... Big Macs are freaking fantastic! The layers of thin burger, with that special sauce and all that diced onion. One bite and I was hooked. I am not exaggerating when I say one bite had me craving more for weeks!

Because I can't bring myself to hit the drive through, I opted to try and create the burger at home instead.

I made these burgers before I started the Unprocessed Challenge. There are a few processed items used in this recipe. Like burger buns (though they can be made at home!), ketchup, and American Cheese. The ketchup can be made at home, in fact my mother makes and cans her own every year. As for the American cheese... I'm sure you can make it at home, though you could just switch the cheese out for something locally made and not partially plastic haha. I'm pretty sure most American cheese is like 30% plastic or something! SCARY stuff... but tastes so damn good!

Copy Cat Big Macs


3 hamburger buns
2 tbs of butter
1 lb of ground beef ( I use 85-90% lean)
4 slices of American Cheese
1 cup of shredded lettuce
1/2 cup diced white onion
8 small thin dill pickle slices

For the sauce:
1/2 cup mayo
3 tsp sweet pickled relish
1-2 tbs diced onion
2 tbs white vinegar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tbs of ketchup
1 tsp vegetable oil
1/4 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp minced garlic


Divide ground beef into 4 patties . Fry or grill until cooked through.  We like ours well. Remove from pan and place cheese slices on top of each patty. Cover with foil and set aside for the cheese to melt.

Spread butter onto the inside of each hamburger bun, in a separate pan fry until golden and toasted.

In your food processor or blender add all the sauce ingredients and blend until smooth.

To assemble burgers. Place the bottom bun on your plate, layer with burger patty, sauce, diced onions, shredded lettuce, pickles, top with a 2nd bun. Repeat layering process and top with a 3rd bun.

Then scarf it like it is your job! And never return to Micky D's again!



  1. See, I kind of like fast food sometimes, but I eat it so rarely that it makes me sick when I do eat it. But I have 8 billion copycat recipes. We actually just had copycat McD's burgers the other night. It's really nice to be able to control your ingredients :)

    We have the same plates! hehe

    1. Same here!! I thing the times I do eat it I regret it about half way through. I can never finish even a small fry at these places. But It always sounds like a good idea ;)

  2. I grew up on fast food, mostly because my parents loathed cooking (still do--wonder why that's my daily job?!) and because my grandma, who watched us during the day, was very bad at cooking. I remember having my first Carl's Jr. Western Bacon at around 4 or 5. I know, crazy! Even though I like eating healthy most of the time, sometimes I just need a big, greasy burger. I haven't had a Big Mac in FOREVER but these totally have me drooling for one. Love this, Carrie!!

    1. I ate a lot of fast food as kid as well... but never a burger! I was a McNugget fan as a girl! I never go now, but every once in a while.... it just hits the spot right?!

  3. I think I'm going for it, this weekend. Perfect timing, Carrie! I need to run to the grocery store sometime today anyway to take advantage of an awesome coupon and sale going on so burgers are in! Thanks.

  4. Way to go for never having fast food! My parents raised me on fast food. And Kraft products. But today, we are fast food and Kraft free :) Unless, of course, it is In n Out. As you know, we love In-n-Out. But most of it is unprocessed (they make their own buns in the store, and the fries are made right before your eyes). The only thing actually processed is the sauce... oh well.

    This looks amazing though! What a great copy cat recipe.

    1. I had fast food as a kid, just never a burger. I actually never even ate ground beef till I was 26. Seriously!

  5. OMG, LOVE this! I must make this so my hubby stops going to McD's!

    1. Do it! I try to keep hubs from getting fast food.... but it's a battle I will never win =)

  6. I can't believe you have never had a fast food burger!!! I don't eat them very often just because of what's in them, but there is something about the flavor that I enjoy when I do. Funny thing...I had a Big Mac earlier this week. It is the first one that I have had in probably years!!! Love this fun copy cat I can enjoy them more often!!!

    1. I never had a burger until I was pregnant with Chase! Now..... they are on my top favorite splurge foods!

  7. I dont eat burgers but my husband would love this. Thanks for sharing.
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  8. that is the freaking problem... Big Macs are sooo good and yet so bad for you!!!

    Love your homemade version!

  9. In our own efforts to reverse engineer the Big Mac (, we learned that Mac sauce doesn't actually contain's a combination of ketchup and mustard. Try it and see what you think!

    1. Really? Hmm I will try that! Thanks for the info =)


      sauce seems dead on to me.

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  11. I remember when you first posted this...for some reason today it popped in my head and I feel that I absolutely need to have it! It must be the pregnancy!

  12. That burger looks rad, Carrie! I want one!!!

  13. The burgers shown did NOT look well done, they were more med rare. Granted, you probably did not make the burgers shown for the adv, so that isn't quite being honest - same as McD's deceptive practices, their food never looks like the "dressed" food you see in ads. Their special sauce is basically 1000 island with a couple of additives, so it can be special.. their onions are dehydrated and re hydrated and their lettuce - won't even go there. For some reason, I cannot believe you have never ordered/had burgers from a fast food joint ever in your life, unless you came from a foreign land where only yak meat was served and had no products that would be able to be a "knock off" of the Big Mac. Regardless, it is a moot point. I just don't buy the fable. No offense or "picking" on you...

    1. The burger pictured was well. I took the photo as I was sitting down to dinner with my husband. As you can see in the photo those are his hands.... not all dressed up at all. And yeah... I never ate a burger from a fast food joint until last year when I wrote this post. I'm 29 years old and never had a fast food burger. Why is that so hard to believe? I was a vegetarian for most of my life and then when I ate meat it was only chicken or turkey. I didn't eat any beef until I was 25!

  14. Eating at Mcdonalds makes me wabt to puke! Their food us ALWAYS sloppy and too much salt! But this copycat big mac may satisfy my craving! Oh by the way tried your copycat recipe for that Olive Garden soup in the crockpot! Dont remember the name but OMG it was a hit here not a drop left over, I thought my kids wouldnt eat because of the kale but they all asked for 2nds and 3rds! lol!!