Saturday, October 13

Black and White Pumpkin Cookies

Happy Sundays With Joy... I mean...... Saturdays?

You guys are just super duper lucky that you get a lovely Joy post one day early! With tomorrow marking the start of Pumpkin Week I figured it'd be best to bump Joy up a bit.

This week we all made her Black and White Pumpkin Cookies. I do love pumpkin cookies, they are soft little bites of cake. The black and white icing just makes it that much more special. My kids especially loved these iced cookies. Since I allowed them to do the handy work.

My 5 yr old son did the cookie pictured here.... not too shabby huh? Future cookie decorator? Maybe.... ;)

This cookie needed ZERO adaptions so I left it as Joy instructed to make... though I made them a bit larger. Mainly because I had the boys doing all the work. We had cookies come out all shapes and sizes! This may have been the only cookie that looked round.

If you want to check out the recipe for Joy the Bakers Pumpkin Black and White Cookies. Click HERE for info on where you can find a copy of her book.

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(Disclaimer: I have received no compensation to write this post. I am not affiliated with the publishers of Joy the Baker: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes. All opinions are my own) 


  1. I LOVE that your kids are getting active in the kitchen with you! Start 'em off early and they'll catch the cooking love!

  2. At some point I'll be able to start this up again. I wanted to make these cookies! They look beautiful!

  3. Ooh, I bet I'd love these! And your kiddo did a great job on the cookie above - I'm impressed! Even though I'm traveling + out of town all week, I'm so glad I can still follow along with your Pumpkin Week. =) I'll be checking in to see what's cookin' every day! =)

  4. I made those recently from her book! So good!

  5. I finally made these cookies, love them! I miss those days when my kids helped in the kitchen! I linked up my cookies! Have a great weekend Carrie! Nettie

  6. Paula Seen's pumpkin gooey bars. Yum

  7. Paula Seen's pumpkin gooey bars. Yum

  8. Paula Seen's pumpkin gooey bars. Yum

  9. Paula Seen's pumpkin gooey bars. Yum

  10. Paula Seen's pumpkin gooey bars. Yum