Saturday, June 30

1 Year Ago Today... A Grown Up Milkshake ( I put some shake into my martini!)


One year ago today at just about this time of day... I posted my first blog post. You can read by clicking here. I started the post off "Can I really Blog?"

Why yes I can!

1 yr later look at the things I have done! Almost 300 recipes, building relationships with companies like King Arthur Flour, Lotus Bakeries, Pete and Gerry's Eggs, Green Mountain Coffee, Kitchen Aid, Le Creuset, Mystic Blue Spice, and Door to Door Organics. Tons of new friends. And improved baking and cooking skills!

What a fun year it has been!

Now I am taking the weekend to celebrate my "Blog Birthday" and to kick it off...

Cheers to a grown up milk shake!

I teamed up with a group of amazing blogging ladies this week to celebrate our love for cocktails. Cocktail week has a been a blast. I kicked my week off with this Raspberry Thyme Tom Collins. We have had everything from, Amaretto Sours, Peach Pie Prosecco "Palmers", Blueberry Smash Cocktail, Raging Aztec Frappe, Raspberry Mojitos,... the list goes on and on, we had 14 new cocktail recipes shared between the group of us!!

Now to end the week....

What better way than to celebrate a blog birthday during cocktail week than a grown up milk shake that tastes like birthday cake?

Heck yes!

Originally I was going to do a "Funfetti Martini"... I made one... I didn't like it! I could have blogged it but why blog something that made me cringe!? Remember my distaste for most booze? Vodka is a toughy. I try to enjoy it... Well I think I have found a way to like it! This milk shake knocked my socks off. What a fun treat!

Make a virgin one for the kiddos and they will love it as well.... Sprinkles and frosting just make everything fun! 

A Grownup Funfetti Milkshake 


1 cup of vanilla ice ream ( OR if you can find it cake batter ice cream) 
1 cup milk
1-2 oz white chocolate Godiva liquor
1-2 oz Cake flavored vodka ( I use Pinnacle)
1/4 cup vanilla frosting
2 tbs of sprinkles


In a blender combine all of your ingredients together.

With your cup rim the glass with frosting. dip into sprinkles creating a "funfetti" rim. Pour milk shake into your prepared glass. Pipe additional frosting on top and sprinkle with remaining sprinkles.

Check out some of these other cocktails that my friends have shared through out the week. Also don't forget to check out Megan's giveaway...  A new Kitchen Aid blender!! You could whip one of these milkshakes with it....

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  1. Happy 1 year blogiversary darlin'!! And to many many more!! XOXO!

  2. Yay, happy one year Carrie. Cheers to year 2!!

  3. Happy blogiversary Carrie! I love your blog, your recipes, your photos. You rock! And this milkshake, super yum.

    1. Thanks Dorothy that means allot coming from one of my favorite bloggers!!

  4. What?? CAKE flavored vodka? When did that happened? Love the grown up milkshake, Carrie! Cheers!

    1. Anna you really need to jump on this cake vodka bandwagon! Pinnacle makes a million fun flavors.

  5. The fact that you rimmed the glass with sprinkles absolutely made my night. Happy Blogiversary and way to wrap up cocktail week with a bang!

    1. Thanks Kat! I had to go overboard on the sprinkles... what kind of celebration would it be without a little "funfetti!"

  6. I'm with Crunchy Creamy Sweet. How is there a Cake flavored vodka and I don't know about it? Imma gonna need to source some of that. Your Funfetti Milkshake is spectacular. What a great way (along with your Le Creuset gloriousness) to celebrate a year of blogging. I lift my glass to toast a great first year, and hope for many more to come. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Jeanne! It's pretty amazing the types of vodka they have out there now. Cheers to you. xoxo

  7. Happy one year blogaversary! How exciting! And this drink sounds great....I just tried cake flavored vodka for the first time on's so good!!

    1. Thanks Autumn! You were one of my very first followers last summer I believe. So thanks to you! Here's to many more years of blogging to the both of us. Cheers! xoxo

  8. Happy anniversary!!! Hard to believe you've been doing this only a year - what a beautiful blog! And this milkshake - oh my! Cake flavored vodka? Who knew?!

  9. Oh wow. Hand this to me and watch me regress completely into about a 10 year old! How fun! How festive! Happy Blogiversary to you Bakeaholidmama!

  10. Happy blogiversary! I'm happy you're still at it, and that we're blog friends because of it (and some awesome administrators!). Love to you!

  11. Happy Blogversary! We started blogging around the same time! So happy to have "met" you! This milkshake looks so good! I need to get my hands on some of that cake vodka! Beautiful photos!

  12. Congrats and what a happy grown-up shake :)

  13. Happy one year Carrie!! So happy to have "met" you!

  14. This sounds absolutely delicious! I've made funfetti martinis before but never a milkshake...I definitely need to try this out soon.

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