Wednesday, August 31

Peanut Butter Honey Cereal Bars

Yes I'm still here! Almost 41 weeks pregnant what the heck Miss Madelyn needs to grace us with her presence soon!!

This is a great quick easy snack to make for the kids.... or even a treat for breakfast??  They will love it... and its a much healthier alternative to the traditional Rice Crispy Treat.

Tuesday, August 30

Lemon Dill Three Bean Salad

After my muffin binge this morning I opted for something a tad healthier for lunch...

With Labor day coming up and BBQ's galore. I'm sure we will all have our fill of mayo filled salads. Don't get me wrong. I love them as well. But here is an idea you can make very quickly, cheep, and guess what its healthy!

My kids love beans...  They love chick peas and black beans the most... just straight out of the can and rinsed.

I normally make a chick pea salad that has carrots, bell peppers, amongst other things in it but they are always picking the beans out and leave the rest. So this recipe is for my kids.

Nothing but beans boys!

Maple Apple Zucchini Muffins

So every time I make a post I think this will be the last time I publish one for awhile... well because you'd think I'd have had the baby by now right?

Well think again... she is nice and cozy in there!! It is a shame too because not only are we having wonderful early fall weather... I'm baking with apples, cinnamon, and maple.

Whats better than that??

As summer goes out we all have zucchini laying around and too much of it... and as fall comes in we all love some fresh orchard picked apples.

So lets pair the two and celebrate the end of August!

You really must try these now while both zucchini and apples are fresh.

Monday, August 29

Happy Monday Bye Bye Irene

Hope everyone did ok during the hurricane/storm yesterday! We are just now getting our utilities back on. THANK GOD.

My hometown about an hour north of where I live now is under 6-7 ft of water! Holy yikes.

Here is a video of a boat tour of our local University... crazy!

We were quite lucky and only had to deal with a flooded basement yesterday.... things are still a bit soggy around here and some tree damage here and there. But that's it!

Amazing how dependent I am on my Internet... Day 2 and I was going stir crazy. Glad I can make a blog post hahaha I'm addicted!

Now off to the Dr.s being overdue is sooooooooooooooo not fun. Lets hope they get this labor kick started today.

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, August 27

Sea Salted Maple Caramel Popcorn... My Irene Survival Food

This MAY be my last post till after my cupcake is born! I'm officially over due... YUK! BUT with the hurricane coming maybe she'll decided to finish up in there?

They do say major changes in the barometric pressure can bring on labor!

With Hurricane Irene bracing upon us... I was thinking of snacks and treats we might enjoy when the lights go out...

I'm assuming we will be without electricity for at least a couple of days.

Ollie is all ready hunkered down ready to ride out the storm in my spot on the couch with my blanket....

Thursday, August 25

Best Ever Fudge Brownies

Some days you just want a brownie... nothing fancy just a straight up brownie. Or at least I do....


One of my favorite things to do since I was a kid is to take my brownie in a bowl and dump cold milk on top. Then eat.

Does anyone else do this?

Or am I totally strange?

My husband thinks I'm strange the couple of times he has seen me do this. 

Tuesday, August 23

Happy Birthday ME... Still no baby!

So today is my Birthday... yay...  I say this with a big thumbs down followed up by a fart noise... (made with my mouth of course)

I made a birthday cupcake out of eggs and bacon....

Puff pastry, filled with eggs and cream, topped with a cream cheese chive spread and bacon. It was an awesome breakfast!

Last night I was surprised with  new birthstone charms for my Pandora bracelet... I'm pretty stoked on that. One for each of the boys, my husband and I, and of course one for Miss Maddie (lets home she is not wicked overdue and is born in the month of Aug!)

Then this morning I woke up in a panic... the alarm didn't go off  it was 7am...and my husband would be late going to work. I rolled over to shake him "wake the heck up your LATE!"  His response "no I'm staying home for your bday" SCORE! What an awesome surprise. I need the break from the kids and he worked a really long day yesterday!

Today is also the original due date I was given at the Dr.s way back in December... but then they changed it to the 26th... maybe I'll get the best gift ever wrapped up in a pink receiving blanket?

This Mama can only hope!

Pie Meets Fruit Crisp.... Dutch Apple Cherry Pie

There is nothing better in the fall then a hot fruit crisp or an apple pie.

This yummy Dutch Apple Cherry Pie has the benefits of both of my favorite fall desserts. The flaky buttery pie crust, warm tart fruit, sweet syrupy goodness, with a crunchy oat streusel top??!!

Yes please!!

Monday, August 22

Tomato Cobbler

I've seen variations of Martha Stewart's Tomato cobbler floating around in blog world the past few weeks. Every time I see one my mouth waters. So I finally got enough cherry tomatoes together to make one for dinner.

I went to a farm stand/fruit farm with my mother over the weekend and found these wonderfully colored and sweet tasting cherry tomatoes. I couldn't NOT buy them.

Even though we grew our own tomatoes I wasn't sure I'd have enough for this recipe at home ripe.

Its the perfect combo... comfort food meets light fresh summer produce.

Cheesy buttery garlicky biscuit topping with juicy fresh tomato filling... and even a little zing from some added red pepper flakes.

Saturday, August 20

Best Flaky 100% Butter Pie Crust

I have made millions of pie crusts... and no matter how many times I change up my recipe... this will always be my go to pie crust recipe. It is flawless every time! Perfectly flaky, and supper buttery tasting.
This recipe is for a double pie crust. But can be cut in half for recipes that only call for single pie crusts.

Apple Cherry Picnic Pies

Today I did two pie recipes with Apples and Cherries.

This being #1 and so perfect for little hands. The boys ate them up after dinner. As well as some pastry dough cookies earlier in the day that I had whipped up with my extra dough. For what to do with that extra pastry dough CLICK HERE

Some might call these hand pies, or turn overs. I'm going to call them picnic pies. Because they are the perfect size and shape to pack for a picnic!

I was so excited yesterday when I found apples ripe at the local orchard, I picked up  a bag of Golden Gingers.

So happy apple season is finally here... it is my favorite time of year.

This recipe is so easy too, try it out!

Quick Easy Healthy Bagel Spread and Radishes

After two days of splurging... Oreos, Cape Cod Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Chips, Ben and Jerry's Clusterfluff ice cream, creamy pasta sauces, bacon... all this is SO good but so gross! I think I went on a binge partly because I was eating away my frustration of being pregnant still. In the end its ok... I've been under weight my whole pregnancy and am now just reaching a healthy norm.

I'm starting my day off with a light breakfast, a warm bath, and kidless quiet.

Do you know what I have to do in order to get this? Wake up at 4:30 am.

I started off with my breakfast... easy and light.

Half a bagel with a chive cheese spread topped with radishes. Then a side of honeydew melon, and black cherries.

Take about 2-3 tbs of cream cheese (depends on how much you like on your bagel)
Snip some fresh chives in.

Top with sliced radishes.

I'm in love with eating my bagels like this. The radish is not used enough! They are so yummy

Do you know how good radishes are for you?

Did you know it can help with a number of ailments? Such as...

-Urinary disorders
-Weight Loss
-Colon, kidney, intestines, stomach and oral cancers
-Insect bites
The list goes on you can read more about the health benefits of the Radish here Radishes are SOOOOO good for you!

Anyways enough about my love for the radish!

My cherries are quite yummy as well. If I'm feeling up to it later today some Apple Cherry Turnovers are on the agenda....

Yep I said APPLE. They are here! I found local orchard fresh golden apples yesterday. I bought a peck so I have some baking to do! I know its only August 20th and we aren't all ready to admit fall has snuck up on us.

Thursday, August 18

Yummy Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies

Yep this is by far the easiest tastiest healthiest cookie around.... Please take my word for it and whip them up. Literally that's all you do whip those egg whites with sugar and bake. Easy easy easy!

Also know what I love almost as much as this cookie? Spelling the word Meringue (MER ING GUE) I say it just like that every time I type it... Yes I know random and I'm strange.
I saw this on recent blog post over at The Cook and the Dishwasher.  Check out her blog if you get a chance. I'm a new reader of hers but I've found allot of great recipes on her blog allready!

Apple Blondies---> Happy National Apple Week!

So I've been craving fall flavors hard core this week. Anything from Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crisp, foods slathered in caramel and loaded with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice. You name it I want it!

So this morning when I logged onto Facebook, I saw a post from one of my favorite baking sites/stores... King Arthur Flour. It's National Apple Week! Woohoo an excuse to pull out some apple recipes and my fall flavor cravings.

Now one would think National Apple Week would be during apple season right? Maybe September? I'm not done putting my beach chairs and bathing suits away... they are really trying to push us into fall!

Whateves I'm stoked I love apple baking!
Problem... I only have 2 apples in the fruit bowl. No pie for this girl... which is one of my all time favorites.

So I just made this up as I went.... and here is what came out of my kitchen today.

5 Things That Made Me Smile

So I started off writing today's post... and just before hitting PUBLISH POST. I deleted it...

I'm in too negative a mood. I need to get out of this funk and enjoy the beautiful last days of summer no matter how uncomfortable I may be feeling.

So I grabbed my camera and headed outside with my boys, the dog, and my 3 legged cat.

With in only a few minutes I was feeling better... and less pregnant!

Some things that made me smile.....

#1 Watching the boys re discover the fun of an old toy.

We have had this tunnel since Owen was a baby learning to crawl. The kids drug it out of their tree house today and seriously played for a full hour inside it. And might I add.... they played NICELY! If anything can make me smile when I'm in a funk its watching the two of them get along and play...

#2 My black lab Ollie's joy over getting a ball tossed to him. I love this dog so freaking much even though at least once a day I'm about ready to ring his neck... either because he got into the trash, or ate all the cat food... the list goes on, on the trouble my "first born" can create.

#3 Bogie... he is such a sad cat. Poor thing has 3 legs. But you should see him run through the grass and catch grass hoppers. He can climb trees, and jump higher than my other 2 cats could any day. He is such a pretty boy too... he is a light gray tiger cat but his tummy is white with gray spots. He has very unique markings.

#4 Watching the boys line their proud little pumpkins up on the steps. This was something they grew all on their own... and boy are they super proud. Owen can't stop talking about Halloween... I'm a little worried these pumpkins will not make it that long as they are all ready nice and ripe! We'll cross the bridge when we get to it....

#5 Sitting back in my chair while the kids bring me flowers and pick me blackberries. No matter how grumpy I am or how snappy I can get with them (which sadly is too often lately!) They want to please me and show me they love me. Kids really are awesome... and I have 2 of the best!

Can you think of 5 things that made you smile today?

Wednesday, August 17

Tomato, Roasted Garlic, and Parmesan Crostinis

We have had a rough year in our garden... we lost about 2/3 of our tomatoes to hornworms... trust me that is a critter you do not want to find in your garden in 24 hours they wiped out most of our plants!

With what we have left... this is one of many things we have been making with them and our fresh basil.

I think this is my favorite quickie side dish/appetizer... or even light meal.

My husband and I started obsessively eating different variations of this dish about 2 years ago after I saw something similar on Giada. We have done so many things, fresh basil, roasted garlic, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers.... You can play with so many Italian ingredients and it always comes out amazing, fresh, and light!

Tomato, Roasted Garlic, and Parmesan Crostinis

Crusty artisan bread sliced  ( I used a French Baguette)
2 tomatoes sliced
1 bulb of garlic roasted
Freshly grated parmesan cheese (or a slice of fresh mozzarella... or both!)
Fresh Basil Leaves for topping

Pre heat oven to 400

Drizzle your bread slices with evoo on both sides. Bake till they are just lightly toasted and crusty on the outside.

Spread roasted garlic on your toasted bread.

Top with a tomato slice.

Then some cheese....

Then pop it under the broiler watching carefully not to burn. You just want to melt your cheese.

Then top it with some fresh basil leaves and enjoy! SOOO GOOD

Tuesday, August 16

Funfetti Cookies To Turn My Frown Upside Down

I was really grumpy yesterday.... really really grumpy.

Miserably pregnant with 2 boys under the age of 4 couped up on a rainy day is not fun.

They did a little sugar sample....

I'm also Grumpy because I'm wearing these... its August... and I'm wearing my husbands wool socks to keep my toes warm.


But one thing that made my day... kinda in a gross way.... These Dilly Beans my mom gave me. I ate the whole jar. Gross? I'm pregnant don't judge my taste buds!

When I saw this cheery cookie I decided to whip them up with the kids... and TRY to have some fun with them.

I love any sugar cookie so I figure the FUN in this Funfetti cookie would do the trick to make me a little less grumpy? It does have 2 sticks of butter in it... how can that not make someone feel better?

I borrowed the recipe from Brittany @ Itty Bits Of Balance.  I only made one little change.... I ran out of Vanilla extract... SERIOUSLY. I get through the day without it. I will have to make my husband grab a bottle on his way home. So in spite of my lack of vanilla I used raspberry extract instead.  It definitely made the cookies fruity and fun.

Monday, August 15

S'more Pie... "Some more of what?"

My favorite movie scene of all time....

Ham Porter: Hey, Smalls, you wanna s'more?

Smalls:Some more of what?

Ham Porter: No, do you wanna s'more?

Smalls: I haven't had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?

Ham Porter:You're killing me Smalls! These are s'more's stuff! Alrite now pay attention..... FIRST you take the graham, you stick the chocolate on the graham. Then you roast the 'mallow. When the 'mallows flaming... you stick it on the chocolate. Then cover with the other end. Then you scarf. Kind of messy, but good!

-The Sandlot

Chances are if you are in your late 20's-  early 30's you'll know this part of the Sandlot.

Any one else have the biggest crush on Benny Rodriguez?

Summer is winding down up here... yes I know many of you probably aren't ready to pack up the beach toys and pull out the sweatshirts.

For some of us stubborn beach bums that don't want bundle up quite yet here is a summer classic turned into a pie. Today was a gloomy cloudy, rainy day in NH so we took our favorite campfire dessert and made it indoors instead!

The only thing that would have made this pie any better.... is if I used my own graham cracker recipe! As seen here...
Graham Recipe

I was inspired to make this pie after seeing the Pastry Affair's S'more Pie. Though my recipe is quite different I would have never thought to make it if I didn't see her mouth watering recipe!

Saturday, August 13

I Won An Award!

So I started this blog in June to start documenting my recipes... little did I know there was actually a blogging community. In fact I didn't think many people read blogs anymore with things like facebook and twitter taking over the world.

So when I got my first "follow" I was quite excited! Wow there are really people out there that read my ramblings and who think my food looks and sounds good! There are actually other moms out there who are doing the same thing as me?

Very cool stuff.

So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed I could track my stats... When I started getting over 100+ views a day I couldn't believe it! Or when the Food Files shared my recipe for Stuffed French Toast with their fans... (a measly 100k fans!)
I still have such a small blog in comparison to most of the ones I follow and read daily but I'm having so much fun building mine and making new fellow blogger friends.

Last night Sarah at Healthy Mom On The Run gave me an AWARD, so fun! I'm also super duper excited haha. ( I know I'm a dork) 

Sarah is a busy mom of 3 girls ages 12, 7, and 8 months, a wife and a teacher! Her blog shares healthy family friendly recipes, product finds, and day to day momish things. I love it! Oh and did I mentioned she is a fellow New Englander? So I like her blog even more now haha.

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 10 recently discovered blogs.

My 7 things:
 #1 I'm a recovering Soap addict (I've been clean and haven't watched day time TV in 3 months!)
#2 I love the show Teen Mom... I know it's sad.
#3 My drink of choice is Lemonade this summer. I was buying allot of "Simply" now I make my own... nothing better than fresh squeezed.
#4 I'm a Food Network junkie. I have a secret crush on Tyler Florence.
#5 I hate being pregnant, some mom's love it... I am not that mom!
#6 My favorite childhood movie is the Fox And The Hound.
#7 I love my job...Staying home with the kids is the most rewarding and fun job any parent could have!

10 Blogs I'm passing this award along too are:

#1 Sweet & Savory
#2 The Blest Nest
#3 The Yellow Apron Experiment
#4 *Girl From Scratch
#5 Mrs. Muffins
#6 Good Eats Girl
#7 The Pastry Affair
#8 Mommy on a money saving mission
#9 No Ordinary Homestead
#10 Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom

For some great recipes, great shopping deals, garden advice... you name you can find it with these ladies! Check out there websites!

As for the rest of my Saturday... I'm currently treating myself to a cup of coffee (shhhhhhh don't tell) and a morning snack.

This is my favorite coffee cup this week... it's a cup I recieved in high school  for a drama festival. My mom found it in her barn last weekend. Do you have a special cup you drink your cup of joe out of ?

And as long as I don't find any messes like this... today will be a GREAT DAY!

Have a super weekend!