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Goodbye Bakeaholic Mama! Hello Ollie Cakes...

Today's blog post is a little bittersweet.... but mostly sweet. I am officially announcing the end of Bakeaholic Mama, and the beginning of a new venture.

Several months ago, I came to a realization that I absolutely despise blogging professionally and working from home was just not for me. After being quite unhappy for sometime, I decided I need to get a job outside of the house. Not because I need to financially, but because I have been home with 3 kids for going on 9 years and I am ready to bust out of here.

After toying around with my resume, looking around to see what kind of jobs were available in my area, I quickly realized that with my skills, I can not find a job that pays more than blogging.... I would be putting in a 40 hour work week and my income would be the same as it is if I blog PART TIME. As badly as I want to work outside of the home, I can't justify taking a crappy paying job that I won't LOVE and then having to pay child care on top of it.

After expressing all of this to my husband and a lot of tears... Steve just said. "Start your own business then. " Just as simple as that.... Start your own business. I laughed at him through my tears, "yeah right... " He just said it again in his blunt way. "If you want to open your own business.... just do it. We have the money." 

That's when I realized that I already knew what I wanted to do... I have always had the idea of opening a gourmet donut shop up in the back of my head, but never said the words out loud. I knew there was nothing like it in our state, and if there is anything I consider myself an expert in, it is food trends. Donuts are H O T right now, and NH is just about the only place that has not hopped on the gourmet donut train.

That night was the start of Granite State Donuts LLC. I went to work reading everything I needed to plus some on what I needed to do in order to start a donut shop/cafe. I talked to friends who are also restaurant owners, got as much advice as I could and then wrote our business plan. 

I am proud to say that Granite State Donuts LLC is opening up it's first location (I hope there are many more to come), Ollie Cakes (named after my dog). We are opening at 45 Manchester St. Manchester, NH, early this summer.

Our menu will include all of the classics like glazed yeast donuts and old fashioned spudnuts.... then of course we have daily modern flavors like Lemon Creme Brûlée Donuts with a Tennessee Whiskey Glaze, Black Currant and Pistachio, Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed, Orange Meringue, Grapefruit Poppy Seed, S'more Cake Donuts (made with my homemade fluff), Maple Bacon... the list goes on and on! The most important thing about Ollie Cakes is that everything is hand rolled and hand cut. Our donuts are made just like they were when our grandmas were frying donuts.  We are also doing daily specials like, Chicken and Donuts, Donut Poutine, Donut Breakfast Sandwiches,  Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches, pretty much any way you can use a donut, I plan on offering at Ollie Cakes.

I know all this might sound selfish to some, most stay at home moms are probably thinking I am out of my mind... but here's the thing, it is not just about me and what I want. It is about setting an example for my kids. I realized that I was unhappy and things needed to change. So I am changing them. If there is anything that comes out of this, it is that I want my kids to know that they don't have to settle... they too can pursue something that challenges them and makes them happy. I want them to know that as scary as taking risks  are, sometimes they are worth it. And most of all.... it's time they realized that there is a lot more to Mama than doing their laundry and cooking their supper.

So what does all of this mean for Bakeaholic Mama? Well I am walking away. All of my social media channels have been changed over to Ollie Cakes NH (be sure to follow me!) and the blog is done. I am simply closing this chapter of my life, and moving on to bigger and better things.

**Update: We have received some rather disappointing news from the City of Manchester's Mechanical Inspector.... we can not instal a hood and fire suppression system as planned. We instead have to make the duct work travel up the side of the neighboring building (an additional 2-3 stories) all this extra work is going to set us back another $10,000 which will put us out of budget! 

**Update 8/28/2015: Sadly, after two real estate deals falling apart over the summer (the original one in Manchester, and the 2nd one in Derry)  losing some money... 6 months into this process.... we are forced to start exploring other avenues. I've worked a few small farmer's markets around the state over the summer, and am taking special orders for parties/meetings/events.  For more updates follow along on the Ollie Cakes Facebook page. 

For info on special orders please email 


Gin Rickey

Hello from beautiful Smuggler's Notch in Jeffersonville, Vermont! This week I have teamed up with the folks that work for the resort to visit local sugar houses, enjoy the spring activities in the mountains and of course eat all the wonderful food in the area! 
But more on that later next week....  First we need to talk about Don Draper and the rest of the Mad Men crew. For those who don't know, this Sunday is not only Easter, it's the premier of the best damn TV show to ever hit cable.  To celebrate in true Mad Men style, I teamed up with ModCloth and a team of my favorite bloggers to share our favorite vintage recipes, lots of cocktails and of course some vintage fashion! 
Today, I am sharing my favorite classic cocktail, a Gin Rickey, it's low in calories and is quite refreshing. Snag that recipe and then to enter in our super awesome giveaway, follow the directions listed on the rafflecopter widget below. Make sure you comment below telling me who your favorite Mad Men character is! 

Gin Rickey 

1-2 oz Gin ( I use Bombay) 
The juice of half a lime
Soda water (not sweetened or flavored!) 
Lime wedges for garnish
Add the gin and lime juice to a high ball glass (or canning jar like me!) Fill glass with ice and then top off with soda water. Garnish with lime slices and then serve. 

To enter to win a $100 gift card to ModCloth, this vintage 4.5 qt mixing bowl, and this gorgeous martini glass follow the directions on the widget below! ALSO if you want to do some shopping now, Modcloth is offering $20 off of all new customers purchases over $100! For those of you not familiar with ModCloth, they have some of the coolest vintage inspired clothing. My favorite 1950's style dress is from them, and I wear it all the time with my favorite black flats. 

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Join us for a #‎MadMenBlogParty‬!





Flour's Boston Cream Pie and a Cookbook Giveaway

I have made it my mission in the last several weeks to explore local bakeries in Southern New Hampshire on the hunt for the best donuts and pastries. Unfortunately, southern New Hampshire is seriously lacking. In order to get the bakery experience I have been looking for, I have to drive further south to Boston.

I think Boston's most favorite small chain of bakeries is Flour, owned by famous pastry chef Joanne Chang. I have a little bit of a crush on Joanne's recipes, they are pretty flawless and amazing. Her bakeries serve up the best of the best, I highly recommend you stop in at one of Flour's locations next time you are in and around the Boston area. Order their famous egg sandwich, grab a couple of the homemade oreos to go, a donut or two... and a slice of their Boston Cream Pie.

Boston cream pie has always been a mystery to me, I've never quite understood why we call it a pie when clearly it's a pastry filled CAKE. For whatever the reason, it's amazing and it's no wonder we New Englander's  love it so much.


Maple Cream (Maple Butter)

Every year since I started dating my husband (15ish years ago) his grandfather (Grandpa Brown) gave us each a jug of windshield wiper fluid, a whiskey jug filled with his maple syrup and a small  jar filled with homemade maple cream, made by him for Christmas. It is probably the most practical gift you could give a New Englander in the winter. Wiper fluid is something we go through gallons of this time of year, and maple goodies are something that never go to waste in our home.


French Canadian Crullers (Maple Crullers)

Have I ever told you how much I love Montreal? I'm not sure I ever blogged about the mini vacation Steve and I took there last summer. It was one of those trips I had high hopes of documenting, but then I never got to it!  Montreal is a great little city filled with French culture, history, amazing food, and almost all of it is totally walkable.  It had been about a decade since we had visited Montreal together, and we fell in love with the culture all over again. It is like a little bite of Europe but instead of a traveling across the Atlantic, we only had to drive 4 hours north. For those of you who have not visited, I highly recommend you book a trip soon.

The reason I randomly bring up my favorite part of Canada is because I recently made these French Crullers but with a Canadian twist by using maple syrup in the glaze instead of the traditional honey glaze. Therefor I present to you the French Canadian Cruller.  I assume in Montreal where the Canadian culture combines with the French... that this is already a thing. I mean, how can it not be right?