Flour's Boston Cream Pie and a Cookbook Giveaway

I have made it my mission in the last several weeks to explore local bakeries in Southern New Hampshire on the hunt for the best donuts and pastries. Unfortunately, southern New Hampshire is seriously lacking. In order to get the bakery experience I have been looking for, I have to drive further south to Boston.

I think Boston's most favorite small chain of bakeries is Flour, owned by famous pastry chef Joanne Chang. I have a little bit of a crush on Joanne's recipes, they are pretty flawless and amazing. Her bakeries serve up the best of the best, I highly recommend you stop in at one of Flour's locations next time you are in and around the Boston area. Order their famous egg sandwich, grab a couple of the homemade oreos to go, a donut or two... and a slice of their Boston Cream Pie.

Boston cream pie has always been a mystery to me, I've never quite understood why we call it a pie when clearly it's a pastry filled CAKE. For whatever the reason, it's amazing and it's no wonder we New Englander's  love it so much.


Maple Cream (Maple Butter)

Every year since I started dating my husband (15ish years ago) his grandfather (Grandpa Brown) gave us each a jug of windshield wiper fluid, a whiskey jug filled with his maple syrup and a small  jar filled with homemade maple cream, made by him for Christmas. It is probably the most practical gift you could give a New Englander in the winter. Wiper fluid is something we go through gallons of this time of year, and maple goodies are something that never go to waste in our home.


French Canadian Crullers (Maple Crullers)

Have I ever told you how much I love Montreal? I'm not sure I ever blogged about the mini vacation Steve and I took there last summer. It was one of those trips I had high hopes of documenting, but then I never got to it!  Montreal is a great little city filled with French culture, history, amazing food, and almost all of it is totally walkable.  It had been about a decade since we had visited Montreal together, and we fell in love with the culture all over again. It is like a little bite of Europe but instead of a traveling across the Atlantic, we only had to drive 4 hours north. For those of you who have not visited, I highly recommend you book a trip soon.

The reason I randomly bring up my favorite part of Canada is because I recently made these French Crullers but with a Canadian twist by using maple syrup in the glaze instead of the traditional honey glaze. Therefor I present to you the French Canadian Cruller.  I assume in Montreal where the Canadian culture combines with the French... that this is already a thing. I mean, how can it not be right?


Pineapple Coconut Chicken

Now that the days are warming up just a bit I can see spring and summer on the horizon. These temperatures are making me crave lighter dishes and lots of tropical flavors. 

Filled with traditional Asian flavors with some added fresh pineapple to brighten the dish up, this stir fry is exactly what I needed to break out of my winter blues. 


Old Fashioned Maple Cinnamon Rolls

When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time with my Bambie (my Nana's sister). She and my Uncle Ross lived in a small ranch in Bristol NH, about a 1/2 mile from where my parents both worked. She was one of those ultimate grandmothers/great aunts that always had a house full of kids. She was our family's designated babysitter. A day at Bambie's always included lots of hot chocolate with a large dollop of fluff, Kraft macaroni, her teaching us inappropriate, songs,  jokes and riddles that she was famous for, and then afternoons playing cards with Uncle Ross. Now to most young kids, that probably sounds boring, but to me it was comforting, because at that time in my young life,  life was full of turmoil.