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#TeamRyan Blogger Auction

Today's blog post is a pretty important one, so please don't tune out now. Read on! 

Last winter a fellow food blogger and friend Ashley, from Center Cut Cook announced she was pregnant with her first child (YAY! Exciting!) However she also had another major announcement. Her husband Ryan was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. My heart broke for Ryan and her when this news was made public. Ryan and Ashley are much like Stevie and I. They are the same age and also  high school sweethearts. Ashely is equally obsessed with food and social media as I am. I'm sure in REAL life, we'd all hit it off. 

I can not imagine the struggles they go through everyday balancing a newborn baby, chemo treatments, Dr.s appointments, and the emotional roller coaster that they were thrown on.  Ryan's cancer is incredibly rare for someone at the young age of 29. Typically colon cancer is extremely treatable if detected early, which is why people over the age of 50 are recommended to get a routine colonoscopyPoor Ryan never had the chance to prevent or catch it early, because how many 29 year old men worry about colon cancer? 

Since Ashley and Ryan live all the way over in the Chicago area, there is not much we blogger friends can do to support them. So the blogging community teamed together to plan a fundraiser on their behalf. All proceeds will be donated directly to Ashley and Ryan to help with living expenses and medical bills while Ryan is in treatment. You guys.... they have a newborn baby. Babies are expensive, I know, I've had 3!  And medical costs while treating cancer? We probably don't even want to know what that costs. 

They need our help, support and prayers!

Below you will find a large selection of gift boxes made by fellow food bloggers, signed cookbooks, kitchen equipment, homemade baked treats and much, MUCH more. 
How to Bid: Send your bids to me! Email them to with the subject line saying  #TeamRyan Bid, and then list the item name and number plus the $ amount you want to bid on the package. I will be keeping bids updated as often as I can. ( I took the WHOLE week off so I can sit by my computer and be on top of the action!) Be sure to keep checking back because the bids will change often, there WILL be bidding wars I am sure! 
Bids. All bids entered must be in $5 increments. (Minimum bid on ALL packages is $5).
Hours of Bake Sale:  September 1st 9pm EST- September 7th 8:59pm EST
Shipping:  Items can only be shipped to the US mailing addresses ,(unless otherwise noted in the package details)  AFTER the winner has paid bid amount. 
How to Pay for your Item:  After the bidding has ended, I will contact each winner by email telling them they won the bid and how to pay for their items. Once payment has been confirmed, your items will be shipped to you by the appropriate blogger or brand who donated the item. 
Keep up on Social Media:  Be sure to check out the chatter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching the hashtag #TeamRyan 
NOW check out what is up for bid.....
1) 1 Gallon of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup Donated by Carrie B. (Bakeaholic Mama

Current Bid: $120- Jennifer Blough
2) OXO Baker's gift pack donated by OXO

Current Bid: $100- Andrea Waage

3) Le Creuset 5.5 qt Round French Oven donated by Le Creuset 

Current bid: $300- Melissa Griffeths (Bless this Mess)
4) Very Culinary's Favorite Kitchen Tools donated by Amy W.  (Very Culinary

Current Bid: $50- Pauline G

5) $100 World Market Gift Card donated by World Market 

Current Bid: $200- Keirsten (Oh My Veggies) 

6) Star Fine Foods Mediterranean Food Gift Basket donated by Star Fine Foods

Current Bid: $80- Melissa Griffiths

7) The Flavor Bible donated by Donna and Chad (The Slow Roasted Italian

Current Bid: $100- Liz Harris 

8) John Boos Walnut 20x15x1 1/2 Cutting Board donated by Donna and Chad (The Slow Roasted Italian)
Current Bid: $125- Ashley C.

9) Red Velvet Lover's Cookbook and a $25 Amazon Gift Card donated by Deborah H. (Taste and Tell Blog)

Current Bid: $50- Dorothy 

10) Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor donated by Lauren G. (Climbing Grier Mountain)

Current Bid: $60- Dana C.

11) 5-Flavor Salad Dressing Basket from The Biltmore House in Asheville NC donated by Melissa S. (Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen)
This gift basket contains all five of our Biltmore« dressings, Zinful Raspberry, Creamy Vidalia« Onion, Cabernet Poppy Seed, BBQ Ranch, and Summer Tomato & Sweet Onion. Ideal for friends and family celebrating any occasion. You can even add a new twist to an old favorite by using our Vidalia Onion or BBQ Ranch dressings as a marinade.

Current Bid: $40- Pauline G. 

12) Baking Basics Gift Basket donated by Joan H (Chocolate, Chocolate and More)

Current Bid: $100- Monica

13) Pine Ridge Barbecue Sauce Gift Basket donated by Milisa A. (Miss in the Kitchen)

Current Bid: $40- Pauline G. 
14) One SIGNED copy of the Smart Cookie Cookbook donated by Christi J (Love from my Oven)

Current Bid: $25- Patty Cole 

15) A signed copy of The Recipe Girl Cookbook and a $50 Crate n' Barrel Gift Card donated by Lori L. (Recipe Girl

Current Bid: $130- Christina Lane

16) A copy of Surprise Inside Cakes AND this matching cake stand donated by Amanda R. (I am Baker) 

Current Bid: $100- Michelle Beam
17) Low-Carb Baking Bundle donated by Carolyn K. (All Day I Dream About Food
Includes, almond flour, Swerve sweetener, whey protein & parchment paper.

Current Bid: $30- Virginia G.

18) Anthropologie Gift Card $50.00 donated by Meagan W. (A Zesty Bite)

Current Bid: $100- Oh My Veggies Keirsten  

19) Home cheese making kit and a slate serving board donated by Jennifer F. (Savory Simple)

Current Bid: $75 Heather Kinnaird 
20) Chocolate Lover's Gift Pack donated by Jocelyn B. (Inside Brucrew Life)
Includes, a bundt pan, Baker’s Joy, spatula, chocolate cake mix, chocolate Yankee Candle, Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, and a dozen homemade Chocolate Reese’s cookies! 

Current Bid: $60- Pauline G. 

21) Amazon gift card, bamboo kitchen tools and Rachel Ray Stoneware donated by Shawn S. ( I Wash You Dry) 

Current Bid: $100- Lemon Bowl Liz

22) A Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker in Cranberry; A Trio of Bamboo Cooking Spoons; and A Set of Four Nourish Soup Bowls donated by Hayley P. (The Domestic Rebel) 

Current Bid: $60- Kathy Crow

23) Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice Cream Maker donated by Mary Y. (Barefeet in the Kitchen)

Current Bid: $125- Chris Wiess 

24) Two Silpat Baking Mats and a Batch of Cookie Butter Butterscotch Cookies donated by Lisa L. (Wine and Glue)

Current Bid: $50-  Katrina  

25) Zingerman's Deluxe Bread Gift Basket donated by Liz. (The Lemon Bowl)

Current Bid: $65- Stephanie B.

26) Biscoff Goodie Basket PLUS a copy of the Biscoff Cookbook when it releases in November! Katrina B. (In Katrina's Kitchen)

Current Bid: $75- Melissa G. 

27) 11 brand new, classic baby board books in honor of sweet baby Miles! Donated by Lauren B. (Lauren's Latest)

Current Bid: $150- Jamie Lothridge 
28) Dessert Mashups Cookbook Basket donated by Dorothy K. (Crazy for Crust)

Current Bid: $110- Valerie Brunmeir 

29) Coffee Lover's Gift set donated by Aimee S. (Shugary Sweets
The set will include the coffee mug, spoon, Two Brothers coffee (local in Illinois), tea towel and a fresh batch of coconut biscotti from Shugary Sweets

Current Bid: $50- Dana Cooper 

30) Whoopie Pie Making Kit from Tanya S. (Lemons for Lulu)
Includes, Whoopie Pie Cookbook, two cookie sheets, baking mat, cookie scoop, spatulas and a piping kit. 

Current Bid: $135- Imperfect Kitchen 

31) Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket donated by Roxana Y. (Roxana's Home Baking)
Current Bid: $60- Kathy Crow

32) Rodell Vanilla gift pack + a $50 Sur La Table gift card donated by Lynne F. (365 Days of Baking
Current Bid: $100 - Vermont Julianne 
33) Two jars of Foodie with Family's spicy and sweet Candied JalapeƱos from Rebecca's most popular post ever. Taste them and find out what the fuss is all about! 

Current Bid:$75- Jennifer Blough
34) One SIGNED copy of the Smart Cookie Cookbook donated by Christi J. (Love from my Oven)

Current Bid: Rachel G- $25 Heather Kinnaird

35) These cute stand mixer earrings hang about 1/2 an inch off of hypoallergenic hooks. Donated by The Busted Button.

Current Bid: $55- Imperfect Kitchen

36) A Pier 1 (21 piece) Tasting Party Starter Set, Gooseberry Patch The Christmas Table Cook Book, Gooseberry Patch Collectors Christmas Book #9, Set Matryoshka Measuring Spoons donated by Lark's Country Heart.

Current Bid: $60-  Kathy Crow 
37) Pizza Lover's Kit donated by Monica M. (The Yummy Life)
Current Bid: $50- Momma Swope

To read more about Ashley and Ryan's story, check out their #TeamRyan Facebook page. If you don't want to bid, but want to make a donation go to Ryan and Ashley's Give Forward fundraiser page.

Special thanks goes out to Amy from Very Culinary for her design help! Also a big thank you to all the bloggers who joined in to help,  OXO, Star Fine Foods, Le Creuset and World Market! 


Butter, Onion and Tomato Pasta Sauce

Tomato season is at it’s peak here in New Hampshire. What better way to use them up than an easy to prepare homemade pasta sauce? I’ll admit I tend to buy sauce at the store, I always have this little voice in the back of my head saying, “aint nobody got time for homemade sauce!”

Well I am a fool, because homemade sauce can be whipped up in under an hour using this Butter, Onion and Tomato Sauce recipe found on Craftsy. This is the perfect sauce recipe to keep in your back pocket for those nights you want a comforting meal, but are pressed for time.

If you haven’t checked Craftsy’s online cooking and baking classes yet, you should. Signing up is easy, the courses are taught by professionals, they are affordable and most importantly you can take them at your leisure! If you are like me, you do not have much time to yourself. What I love most about Craftsy, is that I can pause the class and go back to it whenever I need. You can also ask questions and receive answers from class takers and the instructors!

(Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation to write this post from Craftsy. All photos provided by them.)


Peach and Thyme Custard Pie

Growing up in New England, our growing seasons have always been pretty short. Therefore my mom would spend the last weekends in August picking fruits and vegetables, then canning and freezing them so we could make them last through the long winters.

My favorite thing to harvest late summer, has always been native peaches. They are typically smaller, not quite as juicy, but every bit of delicious as those larger ones found in the southern parts of the country. As soon as those peaches were ripe, mom would bake us peach cobbler served with ice cream, and then the rest of her peaches were always used in her famous peach jam. I always thought the jam was best before it made it’s way in to the jars, eaten warm with a spoon… no toast needed!

As much as I love the memories of canning with my mom as a little girl, I am not much of a canner myself. So instead of taking my fruits and putting them into jams and jellies, I opt for baked treats.

This pie is made with a basic all butter pie crust filled with a bit of spice thanks to the cinnamon. The center is a sweet, rich, creamy custard, paired with tart native peaches and a bit of thyme. Great served warm or cold (though I prefer room temperature!)

Today I am guest posting for my friend Marnely over on Cooking With Books. Head on over to her blog for the full recipe.