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Perfect Butter Pie Crust

The following blog post contains sponsored content. 

There is no better summer treat than a fresh baked berry or stone fruit pie served with a large dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. I find myself cranking the AC up, and banging out a few batches of butter pie crust to put up in the freezer. I always like to have it on hand for when the mood strikes.

A couple of weeks ago, I tested out a recipe found on Craftsy for an All Butter Pie Crust, this particular crust  ensures perfectly buttery, flaky crust that tastes great. I filled the crust with my favorite simple peach filling and brought it over to my Mother Inlaw’s birthday party. It was a hit and everyone asked for the recipe.

To learn how to make the perfect pie crust, click here for the FREE downloadable recipe on Craftsy!  You can also learn to make perfect pie crust from scratch by taking one of their online classes taught by Evan Kleiman. Homemade pie crust is an art, with Evan’s direction you can learn how to make a basic butter crust  as well as different crimping techniques and how to build a beautiful lattice pie.

While you are there, be sure to check out the many other cooking, baking, and crafting classes Craftsy has to offer. They are affordable, taught by experts, and can be taken at your leisure!

(Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation to write this post for Craftsy. However as always all opinions are 100% my own!)


Major Help Needed ~Stitch Fix 15 Review~

It's only been 3.5 weeks since my last fix. What can I say? I am addicted! This month's fix came just in time for our 8th wedding anniversary. We just so happened to be traveling up to Montreal for the weekend! I always like to sport new digs when I am out on the town with my handsome husband.

Just one problem... I am not sure what to keep, and I need your help to decide!

First up.... the Amara Maxi Skirt made by Gilli.

I feel like I'm falling down this navy blue maxi hole, but really is there such thing as too many maxis?  Last month you may remember be keeping this tad pricy, but super adorable dress. This month I am loving this skirt even more, it's a bit cheaper, and I feel I can get many different styles out of it. Just look above, worn on my waist with a belt, down on my hips, or up high as a strapless dress. This prices in at $58, I think for how much use it will get that price is fair. What do you all think?

Next up the Lacey Graphic Print Tank made by Eight Sixty, this shirt hanging loose just does not flatter my figure. It was too shapeless. However tucked into the maxi, I think it looked kinda cute. This top is a bit pricy for a simple spaghetti strap tank coming in at $54.

My third item in the fix was these Leanne Infinity Drop Earrings made by Zad, priced at $28. These I like, they are simple and I've always had an on going joke with my boys.... every night they say "I love you more times infinity!" So I am rather fond of anything infinity shaped.

Then we move on to the 41Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 sleeve Popover Blouse. I like this top... however too many buttons on the shoulders, pockets... The color is great and I love the sleeve, but I'm not sure if it worth $58. Thoughts?

Lastly,  this Mystree Shirley Lave Detail Knit Tank for $48. I like the lace, in fact I was happy to see my stylist is watching my Pinterest board... I'm on a white lace kick. However paired with gray jersey material, I am on the fence if I am in love with this or not.

So there you have it. My latest Stitch Fix. What do you think I should keep, and what should go back?????

For more info on how to sign up for Stitch Fix, click HERE. I have been a long time fan of this service and think every busy women (especially us moms!) need to give it a whirl! Plus.... you can earn referral money to put towards your purchases! How great is that?! 

(Disclaimer: I do receive a $25 referral fee for anyone who signs up using my link.)


Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese Burgers

Last week I made these gorgeous, flavorful, juicy burgers that  I could not wait to take a bite of. I set up my photo shoot, snap this photo. Then I get interrupted by the kids, which often happens while I am working. You know the moment you start to work, they will need you to run upstairs to retrieve their favorite blanket, pour them a glass of milk, wipe their butts, or start an argument about who's farts smell worse. (That actually happens here... same argument at least once a week.) Just as I  turn around to finish taking photos, my obnoxious dog jumped up and ate 6 bacon wrapped blue cheese veal burgers. 
I love my dog, I really do. But in that moment, I hated her. Veal is not cheap... and not only that it's delicious. Not to mention the blue cheese and all that smoky bacon! Luckily I got a taste of one burger when I remade the recipe later on in the week for dinner and holy cow they are fantastic. Even Syd gave them 2 paws up! 
To make these burgers I used ground veal, filled it with blue cheese crumbles, some other seasonings, wrapped the burgers in 2 slices of bacon each and then pan fried them until perfectness. If you wanted to, you could certainly grill them. I just enjoy how crispy the bacon gets on the outside when pan fried. 
Bacon Wrapped Blue Cheese Veal Burgers: 
1-1.5 lbs ground meat (You can use turkey, beef, veal, pork or a combo)
8 oz of blue cheese crumbles
1 tbs woschishire sauce
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
3 cloves garlic minced
1lb of bacon
Extra blue cheese for topping plus any other burger toppings you like! 
In a large zip lock bag combine, ground meat, cheese, woschishire sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic.  Once bag is sealed, work mixture until combined. 
Once everything is incorporated, form into 4-6 patties. Wrap two-3 slices around each patty. Secure with a toothpick if need be. Just be sure to remove them before you serve! 
Pan fry on medium/high heat in a skillet or fry pan for about 3 minutes per side, or until the bacon is crisp on the outsides. 
For those of you who have not been following along, July was deemed Burger Month... I was one of many how shared their fun creations this month and we are all hosting this great giveaway below. Be sure to enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway A huge thanks to all of the fun bloggers who were just as inspired by a month of burgers as I was and the awesome companies that have donated prizes to #burgermonth , El Diablo Hot & Spicy Mustard, FireWire Grilling Skewers, Hamilton Beach, KitchenIQ, The Spice House, and Wisconsin Cheese